(Video) How to dramatically increase your engagement on Google+


There is a misconception that engagement is a numbers game, that the number of followers you have results in higher engagement. Well, that is and isn’t true. Having a greater number of people with you in their Circles means more people see your posts, depending on how people use the volume controls for their Circles, but that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have lots of high quality engagement.

The key here is to engage yourself, but that’s not all. Check out the video for more.


Topics covered:

  • The myth that people have more engagement with high numbers of followers
  • Relatable content
  • Optimizing titles*
  • The image matters
  • How to respond to +1s by drawing people in
  • Replying to people
  • Sample of 2 posts that have been reshared

*Note: Your Google+ posts are displayed in Google search results. This makes a good title all the more important.

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