The Psychology of Disruptive Change on Google Plus

The Psychology of Disruptive Change on Google+

I’ve talked about change before, but this is different. This is so different that is shakes the entire foundations of our psychological operating system, our shared view, or basis of understanding. Things change, but comparison to others seems almost inevitable. And we cannot escape it on Google+ either… The numbers matter, but they don’t! Nothing…

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The Psychology of ‘Free’ on Google Plus

The psychology of free

This is an article that explores the perception we have of ‘value’ and ultimately why giving is the smart move to make in business. It also may offer some explanations why there is been SO much giving on Google+ – it is a great opportunity to build a community, and free may well be essential…

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The Psychology of Trust on Google Plus

The Psychology of Trust

Introduction The concept of trust is one that influences our decisions daily. Do we trust this source of online information, this person, or even that the expiry date on that strong French cheese we find in the back corner of the fridge is reliable?! On Google+ we are so often connecting with people we don’t…

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The Psychology of Significance and Google Plus

Psychology of Significiance

For some time I’ve been curious as to how events happen on Google+. From the very first moments of connecting with someone, all the way through to a blossoming relationship. It is fascinating that after some time in the Google+ environment we can all increasingly understand how relationships ‘work’ or don’t and how every event could be…

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