7 principles I learned from Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki (for Google+)


Guy Kawasaki Enchantment

For those of you that haven’t bought +Guy Kawasaki‘s book Enchantment, I thought I would give a few tasty bits to encourage your decision.

Immediate self disclosure: Guy has helped me get The Art and Science of Google+ into shape and I am talking with him about something new…


Enchantment, according to the cover of the books, is “The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions”.

The body of principles which contribute to enchantment can be drawn upon in all facets of life, from selling products to relating with co-workers or even in personal relationships. Enchantment is also, in essence, the art of ethical persuasion.

It is not salesmanship in the traditional sense. To enchant, you must sell ideas, not products.

Today though, I’d like to write a bit about how these principles from Guy’s book Enchantment can be used for the betterment of your relationships on Google+

7 Enchantment principles as applied on Google+

1. According to Guy’s Law of Enchantment:

There will be “Inertia”, unless an outside enchanter acts upon them people will remain at rest.

On Google+ I like to think: be the enchanter you want to see in the World+!

2. Find shared passions.

On Page 20 of Enchantment Guy discusses the importance of finding shared interests. If you do your homework you will find areas around which you can relate with others. This is perfect on Google+ as the better you relate, the more you will deepen the connections with people.

3. Sell you dream!

As #guykawasaki  says, “don’t sell products, services or companies…they sell dreams for a better future.”

This is a great reminder for people to ‘go beyond’ thinking in transaction terms and lift up people’s emotions as well.

4. Develop trustworthiness

“Immediate and complete disclosure of your interests is a key component to trustworthiness”.

This, for instance, I have consistently applied with Guy himself and by approaching him for help on my book he responded kindly and generously.

5. Make it personal

When you know a person better you will approach them in the best way. Having read Enchantment I knew that the word ‘mensch’ (a great human being) was a concept that people respond well to ‘goodwill’ and helping others out.

This could well be a positive aspiration for many of us as on Google+ if we help each other out, we all get along and in time could also achieve our dreams.

6. How to use Pull Technology

Guy is a master at using social media . By reading Chapter 9 of Enchantment I realised the level of depth and understanding that Guy has across a multitude of platforms. He talks of providing: inspiration, entertainment, enlightenment and education.

This is perfect as I like to play in all those areas, even those the enlightenment may be a way off for me!

7. Show people your magic!

Google+ is a great way for you to display yourself to the world. I’ve also noticed how Guy leaves seeds all over the Internet in posts/images/videos that can be picked up and used as ways of engaging. Clever thinking for sure.

There is so much more in the book than these few points. All I can suggest is checking it out for yourself: